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On Thanksgiving 2012 I attempted a running streak. At first I wanted to just do the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak Challenge (#rwrunstreak) where you run at least a mile between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  I completed the streak and had so much fun I kept going. It really made me feel good to get out there and run every day. Even when I was feeling tired and not really up for it, that little 10 minute mile really pumped me up. I was hoping to go a full year and be an official streaker. But, I tore my left calf muscle and had to stop at 179 days. It really bummed me because I was so close to half a year. But for my first attempt I thought I did really well.

This year I tried the Runner’s World Challenge but I got really sick about a week before Christmas, so I couldn’t complete it. That’s okay though. Now, I’ve done three days in a row and have decided I’m going to do a running streak until my birthday. My birthday is in February, so it’ll only be like 40 days, but I’ll see how I feel then and go from there. I really don’t want another injury, so I want to make sure I don’t push it too much. Last year I was sidelined for 6 weeks in June and July and then had to take it slow. I missed two triathlons I wanted to do and  wanted to make sure that I could do a triathlon in August I really wanted to do. (I got to do it, so I was happy.)

My leg has been doing pretty good, so I’m going to try to streak again and not do too many miles or go too fast.

Today I just did a treadmill mile. It’s still cold outside and the kiddos are still out of school, so I thought a quick mile would be just fine.


I also got through another chapter in my fabulous book. It’s still great fun.

Since I was home today I did some more baking. While I was running I let the buns I made for our barbequed chicken rise.


They were really tasty.


Author: Rebekah Buchanan

writer, researcher, teacher.

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