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Crazy Weather February

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I can’t believe this crazy February. I’m hoping to finally get outside for a run this week, but who knows. I had a nice birthday dinner with friends on Saturday, and then had to treadmill run on Sunday because it was a bit too snowy outside. I did 4 on Sunday.


It was a nice run. I’m feeling good at 4 on the treadmill. I could possibly do more, but I’d rather do anything longer outside. It also helps when you have a nice book to listen to. I started “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell Sunday and I just love it.



It’s about Cath, who writes fanfic about Simon Snow (basically the Harry Potter of the book). She has a twin sister Wren who is moving away from their love for fandom, but Cath can’t stop her love for the fan world. She and Wren have started their first year of college and the book focuses on Cath’s adjustments to her new world, needing to find a separate identity from her sister (something Cath doesn’t really want to do) and navigate herself in the world. It’s smart and sassy and totally my kind of text. Listening to it is helping me continue my long runs.

I also ran this morning. Today I only did 3 miles since I’d run the day before.


The weather was again a mess outside. There was crazy sleety, icy, snow. Jack had school off today, but I had to work, so I ran in the morning and then went in to do some conferences with students and teach an evening class. We always seem to have bad weather on Mondays, so it’s been a bit of a mess for my class.

I am excited about the extended forecast. It looks like the snow will be melting. The temperature was pleasant today, but the snow and freezing, not so much. I haven’t been outside the whole month. I’m missing my train tracks.



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writer, researcher, teacher.

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