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Finishing Off April

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This morning I did my last run for April. Barb and I got in 3 miles of fun. It was a nice run, but when is this weather going to clear up?

This is just a short post, since I didn’t snag a picture, but I wanted to do my running totals.

In April I got in 50.8 miles, so I hit my 50 mile mark, which is a good thing.

My YTD total is 194.25. So, I’m just 6 miles behind where I wanted to be in order to reach my 600 mile goal. But, I’m not worried since I should run more than 50 miles this month to be ready for the half on June 1st. I feel like I should find another half at the end of the summer to close everything out. If anyone has a good one I should run, just let me know.

Now, on to May.


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