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Running Again


It’s been awhile, but I’m back to running. I couldn’t shake the cough and respiratory infection. I was at the asthma/allergy doctor a week and a half ago. He decided to put me prednisone and an antibiotic as well as a bronchial inhaler to try to fix things up. The prednisone cleared things up right away, but it made me a bit jittery and at times I had insomnia. I also feel like I gained a bunch of weight. Today was my last day on it, so I’m glad. I still have a bit of a cough every now and then, but I’ve been able to get back to running.

On Friday morning I started with a 4 mile walk with Erin, just to make sure that I would be doing okay. We walked through campus since for the most part, students are gone so it’s mellow. It was a nice walk and I felt good after it. I took a rest on Saturday and then Barb and I went out for a run on Sunday. We ran campus too. We did a 3/7 minute walk run. I had a bit of a cough at the beginning, but the run felt really good and I was excited to be back out and about. I got a little more phlegmy that afternoon, but it was okay.

On Monday it was Memorial Day. I was going to go for a walk, but I didn’t want to overdo things. We went to Shawna and Curtis’ for a barbecue. Jack and I bilked there and back. Biking with Jack is very mellow, and that’s okay. It is only about 1.7 miles and it took us about 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure how long it would take. He did a nice job biking. The day was nice and mellow. I was a little frustrated since I couldn’t find any Hefeweizen anywhere in this town and I really want a Hefeweizen. At this point, I’m not sure when I’ll get one.

Tuesday, instead of running, Barb and I did a 3.8 mile hike through Spring Lake. We kept a steady pace–20 minute miles–and Banjo came. It was a nice hike and a good change of pace. Then, that evening, Jack and I went on a bike ride. We went out around the northeast part of campus and found some fun hills to go down. When we got back, Lucy and I took a ride around the block–in the rain. She loves it. I’m wondering if I can get her training wheels off soon.

Today we did a run. We did another 3/7 minute walk/run. It was really humid and the run dragged, so we just did 3.2 (40 minutes) and then walked the rest of the time. There was one point where I got a bit dizzy. I think it was the medicine, so I’m glad that this is my last day. The run was nice, but I can feel the missed weeks. Still, my legs are itching to get out and about.

It’s nice to be out and active again since I didn’t do much for the last two weeks. We’ve decided not to do the Half on Sunday though. I missed the last two long runs and I just don’t want to end up over exerting myself when I haven’t been running lately and then have a relapse. I’m headed to Jackson, Mississippi on June 7th, so I want to make sure that I’m ready for my 3 weeks there. I think I might try to get in a swim or two next week and then hopefully find a good triathlon this summer. We’ll see.


Author: Rebekah Buchanan

writer, researcher, teacher.

2 thoughts on “Running Again

  1. I believe you mean “On Monday it was Memorial Day.” not Labor Day. Sorry to appear picky, but tis a mistake I make frequently too, due to indifference.

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