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Well May was pretty much a bust. I ended up doing 30 miles and I was hoping it would be twice that. Being sick really bites. But, what can you do? I just keep plugging along. Then, my computer died, so I’ve been MIA the past couple of days. I now have a new computer, so I’m good to go and set for Mississippi. So, what’s next is my info for June so far.

I’ve been working on building up milage again. Keeping it low to make sure I’m doing better. Now that I’m off all meds I’m feeling good, so on Sunday June 1 I ran a little over 3 miles with Barb. It was hot, but it was nice to be out and about. Then, in the afternoon I took Lucy hiking at Spring Lake. Since she’s a little tyke, we only did a mile and a half, but we had fun and we found a letterbox. It was pretty soggy, so my guess is that the person who set it up is MIA now, but that’s cool. Here’s a rocking picture of Lucy loving our hiking experience.


She did have loads of fun, but on the way back she wanted me to wait on the trail and let her hike ahead and then call to me when she was ready to have me come. I had to keep explaining to her that I really didn’t want to keep her out of my sight as we hiked because it could be dangerous, especially since we were right next to the lake. It was loads of fun though.

I ran again on Tuesday. It wasn’t too bad outside, but you could tell it was going to get muggy. Barb and I ran 3.3 miles and then we walked for a bit to get us over 4. It was a nice run.

Today I walked with Erin. Lucy had to come with, so I pushed her in the stroller. We got in 4 miles walking, which was nice. I got in a few pictures as I’ve been walking, so they’re below.



 I haven’t listened to a lot of books lately since I’ve been walking and running with people, but I did finish reading “Black Boy” by Richard Wright. And, I it was good, The second half got a bit tedious for me. I’m not sure why. I think it was all the Communist Party stuff. I don’t know why it drove me crazy, but it did. I’ve also been rewatching “The Wire.” It is my absolute favorite television series and I was a bit worried that I would return to it and it wouldn’t hold up like it did when I first watched it. But, it is still oh so beautiful. Absolutely stunningly written and I am so connected to the characters. Omar is still my favorite character to ever grace a small screen. Bodie is wonderful too. Really, they all are. I still hate Hurc and really want to punch McNulty. And, I forgot how much I love Bunk and Lester and Kima and Bubbles even Carver. I also love the whole 4th season so, so, so much.

I’m headed to Mississippi on Saturday and I’m hoping I can keep up my running. I probably won’t do tons of miles, but I am wanting to get in at least 15 a week. Maybe I’ll even find myself a running partner.

Oh, I’m also working on the 30 day ab challenge, so far, so good. I’m hoping I can keep it up all of June. I just want to be doing 120 seconds of planks on a regular basis.

I’m also hoping to return to more regular blogging now that I’m feeling better. We’ll see if there’s any train tracks in Jackson.


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