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April So Far

Well I finished off March with a good number. To get to my goal of 600 miles I need to hit 50 miles a month. In March I got to 55.65, which made up a bit for not hitting 50 in January and February. I should do much more in April and May since we’ve got the half coming up in June.

This week I got in two runs. I was going to run on Monday, but I was just too tired. I’m not sure why the Sunday run hit me so much. I had a busy week, so Barb and I only had time for two miles on Wednesday, which was cool.


It was a nice two miles, even though it was a bit dreary out. I thought of running on Thursday, but it kept looking like it was going to pour rain and I didn’t want to end up running a mile or two out and getting dumped on, so I didn’t run.

Friday it was far too windy. I would have blown away. Today Jack and I did the Color Craze. We walked/ran (mostly walked) the race, but it was fun. We got a bit of color and Jack had a blast. The first couple of color stations Jack totally avoided getting color on her. Then, he finally got doused in color. We had to do a bunch of, “Let’s run to the sign and then we can walk” since he wanted to walk the whole thing. They didn’t officially time anyone, but I timed us and we did it in 45 minutes, which I was happy with or him. He was a trooper. Good times.


They had a dance party afterward, so he ran around getting even more covered with color. It was fun, and it didn’t stain like I thought it would. I also didn’t get any in my hair, so maybe that helped with the lack of staining. Plus, I thought it would be cold, but it turned out to be a nice day for a run.


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Sunny Sunday Run

Barb and I ran this afternoon and it was a beautiful day for a run. It was about 60 degrees and I actually got to run in a t-shirt. It was pretty fabulous. We decided to explore north of campus since we usually don’t run up that way. We ended up weaving around areas that used to be residential but now look like they’re mostly student housing. We ran by one of our students. We also found a dead end that had a way for us to cut through Q Lot. Once we did that we headed up to the cemetery and the Northeast part of town.


We ran through the cemetery a bit and then headed back down toward town. We tried to find ways to make it not so hilly, and it worked well.

We also learned that the water’s on at the cemetery, which is always a good thing. By the time we got to the cemetery we were more than half-way though our run, so it was perfect to take a bit of a water break.


I don’t remember there being so many spigots at the cemetery in the summer or last fall. I think they might be new. But, it’s great to know that they are there and there’s water available. Yippee.

I also found a cool unused track while we were running..


As usual, we did our 3/7 walk/run to prepare for our June 1st half. It was a great day for a run. We pretty much kept it at a 12 minute mile. We did 5 miles in 1 hour and then did a longer walk cool down when we were done. So, I just logged 5 miles.


After I was done running with Barb, I got in the house and Jack wanted to run. I think what he really wanted was an “energy bar.” We haven’t been keeping up with our C25K since it’s been crappy out, so I was glad to get him outside. We’re doing the Color Craze next Saturday, so we need to do some running. We did Week 2, so we ran 90 seconds and walked 2 minutes for 20 minutes. Including our warm-up and cool down, we got in 1.90 miles, which is good for him. It was a great run and of course I learned lots more about Pokemon than I will ever remember (or care to). Hopefully I can get him on the treadmill on Wednesday so that he can do a bit more running before the race.

Now I’m chilling and watching “Salinger“; finally. “The Catcher in the Rye” is my favorite book ever. I’m looking forward to the movie and so far, so good.

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Friday Morning Run

Yesterday morning Barb and I actually had the time to go for a longer run. We did a little over 4 miles doing a 3/7 walk/run. It was sort of a dreary day, but it was nice to be outside and run with Barb. Even though it could have been a tad warmer, it was super great to run with her. We did our usual out and back to Lincoln and then added a bit to get us to 4 (and then went a bit further).



We kept a pretty nice pace during the run.



The end of the run was mostly a walk, so it slowed down a bit.

I also snapped a nice picture of a rail road crossing.


We also had book club Friday night where we talked about the fabulous “Where’d You Go, Bernadette.” Super fun. It was a great book. This week I also read “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher. The premiss of the novel is that Hannah has committed suicide and that she has recorded a number of tapes where she lets 13 people know how the were part of her decision to commit suicide. The story is told through the eyes of Clay who is listening to all the tapes. They must be passed to each individual on them in order for the tapes not to be shared with a public audience. The book would work really well with a high school (or even college) audience. I might use it next year, but I’m not sure.

I’m hoping for a longer run tomorrow (Sunday), which is supposed to be the nicer of the two days this weekend. We’ll see.

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Last Two Days

I had some nice runs yesterday and today. Yesterday I was going to do a morning run. When I woke up it was pretty cold out, so I opted to run in the afternoon. At first I was just going to do 4. I did a bit of out and back since I didn’t know how far I wanted to get away from the house. Then, as I was running I thought, “Maybe I’ll try to get to just 5o minutes” (this was at about 30 minutes in). So I made sure I went a bit farther so I could get to 50 minutes. Then, once I hit 4 miles, which was about 44 minutes in, I thought “I’m totally just doing the whole 5.” I was feeling good and wanted to get in the mileage. It’s the longest I’ve done in awhile, and I want to keep adding a mile a week to my long runs, so I was glad I did it.


Like I said, my route was sort of wonky, but it worked. My splits were pretty good though.


I always start out fast and when I’m nearing the end I speed up too. But, I kept a pretty steady pace through most of it. I also found this sign that has been up every time I run out past this building, but I’ve never actually noticed the sign, so I was glad I snagged a photo of it.


It made me laugh. As usual, Flavia DeLuce kept me company. I love the fact that there’s a pot farm in the middle of the English countryside after World War II. Brilliance. One of the reasons that I waited until the afternoon to run (besides the stinking cold), is that I was reading Maria Semple’s “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” and I was having problems putting it down. I actually finished to book last night. It’s a quick read and what I love the most is that it’s a multigenre novel. She uses emails, letters, FBI Reports and other fun documents to tell the story of Bernadette  Fox (who I want to hang out with), her husband the Microsoft genius, and their awesome daughter Bee. Oh, and let’s not forget Ice Cream the dog. It’s great fun and you all should read it.

Today I ran with Barb. We did 3.5 and wen out to Lincoln and back. As usual, it was a fab run. I always love running with Barb. I did remember to snag a train track photo.


We also did a walk/run 3/7, so our pace was a little over 12 min/miles.


Not too bad. And, it hasn’t snowed today, so that’s also a good thing.

I am looking for reading suggestions, if anyone has any.

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Running This Week

I got in 3 good runs this week. The snow came on Sunday, but it was gone by Monday and Barb and I ran a nice 3 miler together to start the week. We went to Lincoln and back. I almost forgot to snag my train pic, but I got one and I really love it.


On Tuesday one of my students turned in his assignment in a TARDIS and it also had a sonic screwdriver. Super cool.


When I brought it home Lucy declared, “You have The Doctor’s screwdriver” and Jack took it and started scanning everything in the house, including his food before he would eat it.

Barb and I were also supposed to run on Wednesday, but she ended up having a student conference, so I ran on my own. It was a really windy and dreary morning, but I was able to run outside, so it wasn’t super bad. I went up to some train cars just sitting on some tracks I usually run by, and got a fun picture.


I think it really catches the dreariness of the day. I did a bunch of little out and backs on Wednesday. I also thought I lost a glove, but I found it on the way back.


During the run I listened to the latest The American Life. I was excited because the last story was about Trouble Coffee and the toast craze in San Francisco. A few months ago Barb had sent me the story about toast and Trouble and  Giulietta Carrelli that John Gravois has written for Pacific Standard a few months back: A Toast Story. Gravois did the story on This American Life and it was wonderful to actually hear Carrelli tell her story since I had to just picture it in my head when I read the piece. So fun.

I got really sick on Wednesday. I got a splitting headache and needed to come home and take a nap. But, I did get James Franco’s new book of poetry in the mail, so I was totally entertained. So bad it’s good.


On Thursday night I went with my students on a field trip to see Divergent. There was an early premiere. I had them all take an aptitude test in class and gave the their results before the movie. Not a Dauntless in the bunch–a load of wimps. But I made them buttons for their factions and we had fun at the movie. My guess is they’ll all finish the book this weekend since they’ve now seen the movie. I thought the movie was okay, but it made me realize that there was more character development in the film than I actually gave it credit for in the first place. Now I need to read the other two books.


Today Erin and I walked together. I ran to Erin’s and then we walked around town together and then I ran home. So I did 6.1 miles, but I ran 3.2 of them (1.6 there and 1.6 back) and then Erin and I (and Gus the dog) walked almost three together.  We had quite the route around town and lots of stops ’cause of Gus.


I also did snag a pic when we went by the tracks over by Chandler.


I wish I would have gotten more tracks, but that’s okay. Plus, it was great to walk with Erin. I listened to Flavia on my way there and back. There’s been a murder and there’s also been some cannabis usage, which makes me laugh. I can’t get enough of Ms. Flavia. All in all the run wasn’t bad and I did a quick mile 1, but I’m not sure how accurate that was.


Today I also finished Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor and Park.” I loved it. I’m not always a fan of teen romance, but I really dug this and thought it was wonderfully done. Plus, I love that it took place in 1986 and it pretty much was the soundtrack of my teen years. And book that talks about The Smiths makes me happy. James Franco does write poetry using titles of Smiths’ songs, but he’s got to stop. Rowell can continue to write about The Smiths all she wants.

It was a nice day today. Jack and I played catch and he batted the ball around too. Little League starts this weekend. There’s a skills camp Saturday and then skills assessment Sunday, so it should be fun. I’m just excited he still wants to play baseball.

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Running and Biking

Yesterday (Saturday) it was a perfect day to be outside. Today, when I woke up it was snowing. This makes me happy that I got outside a lot yesterday.

Yesterday Barb and I went for a run. We did 3.4 miles and then walked the last 0.6. We did our run to Lincoln Elementary and back.



It was pretty fabulous out. I forgot to take a picture of the tracks we ran over on our run, so I snagged a picture of Lake Ruth over by Simpkins Hall.



I think I have other shots of the Lake. I’ll have to take some more from this angle at different times of the year.

Barb and I agreed to do the Galesburg Half-Marathon on June 1, so I’ll have to sign up for that ASAP. It should be fun. I’m excited and that means more training and upping my milage. I also hope that means better running weather than the snow today. We’re headed out tomorrow morning and it’s supposed to warm up this week. (Fingers crossed.)

Later in the day I biked with Jack to the bowling alley and dropped him off. Erin met me there and we went on our first bike ride of the season. Great day for a ride. It was a bit windy, but I didn’t care. I really love to bike. We went Northeast of town, past Veterans Park. We haven’t been that way before, but it was much better than Southwest and all the chip seal. On my way home I did manage to find some tracks to photograph:)


I read two books this week. I finished “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. It was fun. I’m going to read it with my “Reading Instruction in the Content Area” class that starts on Tuesday. We’re also going to watch the movie, which should be a fun field trip. I’m also teaching “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. I really enjoyed the book and found it hauntingly beautiful. I can’t wait to teach it.

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Running, Galesburg, and Veronica Mars

Today was super fun. I started out with a 4 mile run. It was beautiful outside and perfect for a run. I went out and about and got in my 4.


I kept a steady pace for the 4 miles, keeping it just under 11 minute miles. I’m hoping to do a longer run, maybe at least 6, next weekend. During my run I finished up listening to the latest This American Life: Episode 519: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Totally fascinating. I also continued on with my favorite, Flavia. She always makes me happy.


After I got home I went back out with Jack and finished off his first week of the C25K. He did a nice job. My favorite part of running with him is how he holds my hand when we’re done doing our run and we start to walk. He never stops talking about either Pokemon or crazy video games, but that’s cool. Hopefully I can get him to keep going until he can do at least 3 miles.

After running we went up to Galesburg. Chris and the kiddos went to the Children’s Discovery Depot. They totally remodeled the place since we’d been there last, and the kids had a blast. I had a drs. appointment. When I was done I picked them up and we headed out to Carl Sandburg‘s Birthplace. It was pretty neat. Sandburg’s lived in Galesburg until he was 19 and his ashes are under the Remembrance Rock. I’ll have to go back without the kids so I can read everything in more depth.





We also went and had hotdogs at Coney Island. I got a veggie Chicago Style dog. It was delish. I highly recommend it.


We also went to Target, since you can’t really go to Galesburg without going to Target.

After dinner I watched the new Veronica Mars Movie. I backed it on Kickstarter and got the digital download, so I didn’t even need to drive to Springfield to see the movie. It was super fun. They totally didn’t disappoint. I loved that Ira Glass was in the film and so was James Franco!!! It made me laugh so much. I had no idea. It was the best cameo ever. James Franco as James Franco. He’s everywhere. Really, a great film if you’re a Marshmallow.

All in all a pretty good Pi Day, or P.I. Day for Veronica.