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Running, Baseball and Comic Books

Today was a beautiful day. I was planning on getting up early and running in a local 5K and then continue on to get in my long run milage. I did get up, but decided that I really didn’t want to drive to the 5K and then have to run around that area, or drive back home, to finish my run. Instead, I ate breakfast and decided to head out on my long run. I got out a little before 8 a.m., which meant perfect weather. I had a short sleeved shirt and capri running pants and it was perfect. I love the Leathernecks in Training running shirts I have, but they’re purple and always clash with my blue running hat. But, who cares?

This morning I did the same thing on my run as I did last week. I did 30 minutes of a straight run and then I did the rest as a 3/7 walk/run. It really helps. I had done 8 on my long run last week, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to do 9 or 10, so I thought it might take me up to 2 hours to get my run in. It really helped me to just think after the 30 minutes I’d have up to 9 cycles of my walk/run.

During the first part of my run I finished up “Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.” There’s apparently supposed to be another book in the series, so I’m looking forward to it. I also hope Kristen Bell narrates the second one as well. Lots of fun. After I finished up with Veronica I started listening to Rick Yancey‘s “The 5th Wave.”  “The 5th Wave” is about a girl named Cassie who has already survived 4 waves of alien attacks on the Earth and now she is (at least at where I’m at in the book) roaming alone so that she can stay alive. The aliens look just like humans, but they kill them, so Cassie is unsure of anyone. I know eventually she’s going to meet up with someone, but I’m on Chapter 11 and so far she’s still alone. Super fun to listen to. It kept me going through 10 miles. I can’t wait to get back to it. Plus, I’ve been reading a bunch of YA apocalyptic literature at the moment and he’s the first author to mention that Cassie is stashing tampons. It made me smile and made it that much more realistic.

I did some different places on my run today. I decided to run through one of the trailer parks, but there wasn’t much there. I also decided to go down Jackson and north on Wigwam Hollow, but I didn’t remember that there’s no sidewalk on Wigwam from Jackson to Adams. That’s cool though.


I also was in desperate need of a drink once I got over by Western. I was at around 7 miles and had stopped right before 3, so it was almost an hour later. I figured that the library would be open, but no such luck. Apparently they’re not open at 9:15ish on a Saturday. But do you know what is open? Horribin. So awesome. I went in the North door by the playground. There’s a bathroom and a drinking fountain right inside the door. Wonderful. I heard that the door is always open, so that’s great. I’m keeping that in mind. Some of the fountains around town aren’t even on yet, so I’m going to make sure that on longer runs I incorporate heading by Horribin. Since the semester is almost over, I can totally head around campus and it’ll be quiet, so that makes me happy too. I’d like to find a good 5 mile loop that goes by water and a hill or two.

I had a nice pace today. My first mile was pretty speedy for me (not sure how I did that), but I kept a good pace the rest of the time. The only reason mile 9 was so slow was that it ended up being part of two walking segments instead of two running segments. It’s all good. I think that I pushed it a little doing 10, I can feel it now, but that’s okay. It was a perfect day for it.


The best part of the run was during mile 5 when I ran by some lilacs. It smelled so good. I could have stopped there for hours. It is probably what motivated me to go to 10:) I did my 10 in 1 hour 54 minutes, which made me happy to keep it under 2 hours. Not a bad morning. Done before 10 a.m.

After my run I came home, took a shower and headed to Jack’s first Pee Wee game of the season. He did great. He had a hit that I missed, but I did get to see him score and his team won, which is cool. They also had Opening Day ceremonies and Jack one a bat and all, so he was excited about that too.

After baseball we headed to Journeys, the comic book store in town, for Free Comic Book Day. Lucy got a free Hello Kitty comic, which made her very happy. Plus, there are no words in the whole thing, so she got to make up stories, which is always good. Jack snagged a Star Wars comic since he’s decided he’s now into Star Wars (hooray) and also a My Little Pony comic he doesn’t have. I wanted the second Walking Dead Volume Two since I’ve decided I need to read the comics, but they didn’t have it. We did find a free chapter or two from “Zombie Kid Diary” which Jack is now totally excited to read. I have to see if they have it at the library. Probably not. But if anyone has it and wants to send it our way, feel free.

After our morning adventures we came home and among other things I finished “Allegiant” so I’m done with the Divergent series. It was a solid okay and I kind of like the ending, but completely understand why a bunch of teens and tweens might nit. I’m also standing by my original argument that Tris has more agency than Katniss and after reading the last book in the series I support it even more. Cassie from “The 5th Wave” might win out over both of them though, we’ll see. I’m actually starting an adult novel next. I’m reading Alan Furst’s “Mission to Paris” for the espionage book club. So far, so good.



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Chicago and Weekend Running

I’ve returned from my trip to Chicago, so I now have a chance to update  my running. I went to Chicago with the PCA/ACA Conference (Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association). The conference was super fun. I of course love it because I get to hang with the Punk Culture folks and talk zines. I participated in a roundtable on punk and zines this year and that was a good time. We also made a zine. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I also went to a bunch of panels on my latest obsession, “The Walking Dead.” that was pretty fun. They were all packed. And, people are really into The Walking Dead. Plus there’s tons of people who didn’t like Season 4. What’s up with that? I thought it was pretty brilliant. I loved all the character development, especially with Daryl. I also liked how they separated everything and that you didn’t necessarily see everyone each week. Here’s my prediction (Spoiler Alter): I totally think that Terminus (who wants to end up i a place called Terminus) is full of cannibals. I also think that Carol should emerge as the new leader. I’m really getting sick of Rick. Now back to running.

Barb came with me to PCA, so we got to run through Chicago together. The conference was at the Marriott downtown, so we stayed at the Hyatt off Wacker. We were able to head right on down to the Lakefront Trail that runs along Lake Michigan. We went South past Navy Pier and Ran down to the Planetarium and the Field Museum. Originally we thought we were only going to go 3 or maybe 4 miles, but we ended up going almost 6. we were able to run alongside the Planetarium and the lake and it was really nice.






It was pretty windy when we headed out, but then the wind was behind us on our way back so it was a great run. I loved every minute of it and was more than happy to miss a panel I wanted to go to in order to get in the run.

In other fun Chicago excitement, we got to eat at XOCO, my favorite restaurant in Chicago. I love Rick Bayless and unlike Forntera, you don’t need to wait months to get in. Plus, they have the greatest hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my whole entire life.


Most fabulous of fabulous.

We ate some other yummy food as well and also had some good beers. I also went to Wrigley on Friday. It was C-O-L-D (like 40) and we were in the shade, but it was still Wrigley. Just look. Can’t you feel the cold? I could see my breath as we sat there.


The poor Cubs lost to the Reds, but at least they scored a run. It was the first run in 24 innings. We did win on Saturday, which would have totally been a better day to go since it was like 80 out. Yet, I got to celebrate 100 years of Wrigley, which made me happy. It’s by far my favorite ballpark. I guess as a Cubs fan I’m a bit bias, but still, it’s an amazing place.


I got back Saturday, which was Record Store Day. Chris played at the local record store, Bad Kitty, and I bought myself a fun record.


I ran on Sunday. It was a bit hot, finally, but I headed out for what I thought would be maybe 4 miles. Instead, I was again rocking my Veronica Mars book and hit 7 miles instead.


I decided to go old school with my photo. I’m not entirely sure why, but it works for me.

Since I wasn’t sure where I would go with my route, and how far, I kept a bit close to home. I did like I did last week when I went out. I ran for 50 minutes, which got me to 4.65 miles, and then did a 3/7 walk/run for the last 2.35 miles. It’s not bad, but since I didn’t know I was going to go out for a 7 miler I totally hadn’t eaten enough and was pretty tired by the end. I really needed to do 8 or 9, but I’ll get that in next week. Hopefully the weather keeps up. I was going to go out today, but my legs needed a little rest. I’m looking forward to the half though.

IMG_4010                                  IMG_4011

I’m happy that when I do the walk/run it doesn’t slow me down too much–which I already knew, but it’s nice to see it in the splits. If I can keep it under a 12 minute mile for the 1/2, I’ll be happy. Oh, the drinking fountain is open at Patton, so that’s also a good thing.

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Running This Week

I got in 3 good runs this week. The snow came on Sunday, but it was gone by Monday and Barb and I ran a nice 3 miler together to start the week. We went to Lincoln and back. I almost forgot to snag my train pic, but I got one and I really love it.


On Tuesday one of my students turned in his assignment in a TARDIS and it also had a sonic screwdriver. Super cool.


When I brought it home Lucy declared, “You have The Doctor’s screwdriver” and Jack took it and started scanning everything in the house, including his food before he would eat it.

Barb and I were also supposed to run on Wednesday, but she ended up having a student conference, so I ran on my own. It was a really windy and dreary morning, but I was able to run outside, so it wasn’t super bad. I went up to some train cars just sitting on some tracks I usually run by, and got a fun picture.


I think it really catches the dreariness of the day. I did a bunch of little out and backs on Wednesday. I also thought I lost a glove, but I found it on the way back.


During the run I listened to the latest The American Life. I was excited because the last story was about Trouble Coffee and the toast craze in San Francisco. A few months ago Barb had sent me the story about toast and Trouble and  Giulietta Carrelli that John Gravois has written for Pacific Standard a few months back: A Toast Story. Gravois did the story on This American Life and it was wonderful to actually hear Carrelli tell her story since I had to just picture it in my head when I read the piece. So fun.

I got really sick on Wednesday. I got a splitting headache and needed to come home and take a nap. But, I did get James Franco’s new book of poetry in the mail, so I was totally entertained. So bad it’s good.


On Thursday night I went with my students on a field trip to see Divergent. There was an early premiere. I had them all take an aptitude test in class and gave the their results before the movie. Not a Dauntless in the bunch–a load of wimps. But I made them buttons for their factions and we had fun at the movie. My guess is they’ll all finish the book this weekend since they’ve now seen the movie. I thought the movie was okay, but it made me realize that there was more character development in the film than I actually gave it credit for in the first place. Now I need to read the other two books.


Today Erin and I walked together. I ran to Erin’s and then we walked around town together and then I ran home. So I did 6.1 miles, but I ran 3.2 of them (1.6 there and 1.6 back) and then Erin and I (and Gus the dog) walked almost three together.  We had quite the route around town and lots of stops ’cause of Gus.


I also did snag a pic when we went by the tracks over by Chandler.


I wish I would have gotten more tracks, but that’s okay. Plus, it was great to walk with Erin. I listened to Flavia on my way there and back. There’s been a murder and there’s also been some cannabis usage, which makes me laugh. I can’t get enough of Ms. Flavia. All in all the run wasn’t bad and I did a quick mile 1, but I’m not sure how accurate that was.


Today I also finished Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor and Park.” I loved it. I’m not always a fan of teen romance, but I really dug this and thought it was wonderfully done. Plus, I love that it took place in 1986 and it pretty much was the soundtrack of my teen years. And book that talks about The Smiths makes me happy. James Franco does write poetry using titles of Smiths’ songs, but he’s got to stop. Rowell can continue to write about The Smiths all she wants.

It was a nice day today. Jack and I played catch and he batted the ball around too. Little League starts this weekend. There’s a skills camp Saturday and then skills assessment Sunday, so it should be fun. I’m just excited he still wants to play baseball.