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Summer Vacation Begins

Yesterday was Jack’s last day of 2nd grade. So, today starts Summer Vacation. It was a beautiful day. I decided to start if off with a run. It was in the mid 50s in the morning, so I decided to run campus since it wasn’t going to be brutally humid and drive me nuts. I love running campus in the summer. There is no one around and it’s peaceful and calming. There’s some construction going on, but it still isn’t bad. The run moves from sun to shade and today there was a bit of wind as I ran. I was going to just do 3, but I decided on 4 instead since it was so nice.

As usual, when I first start to run, especially when I run alone, I don’t think I can make it longer than 10 minutes, but, by the time I get to like 2.5 or 3, I’m just settling in and am ready to go all day. Also, since I was on that med and I wasn’t feeling too good for a bit and was dizzy and had a time or two where I was feeling spacing after and during a run, I was a bit hesitant about whether or not I would feel good on my run. It took a little longer, but as usual, I finally settled in.

There are no train tracks around campus, so I took a picture of the crossing walk sign instead. Figured it was the next best thing.



Yesterday I took a shot that I didn’t get to post (by tracks of course), so here it is:


Since I haven’t been out and about for awhile, I have a few This American Life’s to catch up on. I listened to “Is That What I Look Like?” I ended up stopping it halfway though the section with Molly Ringwald where she re-watched “The Breakfast Club” with her 10-year old daughter. I almost kept listening since I do love both her and “The Breakfast Club” so much, but I needed to get home. I might have to go out tomorrow just to hear the end.

After the run, me and the kiddos headed on down to the Farmer’s Market. We biked there. Jack rode on this own and I put Lucy in the trailer. It was fun. We got rhubarb and strawberries so we could make strawberry-rhubarb pie. We also went to the library and signed up for the summer reading program and got some books.

We spent the day making fun things. We made pie; one strawberry-rhubarb and one rhubarb.


We did a crumble top and they are tasty.

We also made some slime, which was really fun.


The slime was really gooey and Jack named it “slimy.” I think we’ll make some more tomorrow, which should be fun.

While we were making slime, I also made pizza, which I hadn’t made in awhile. That was tasty too.


The kids don’t like toppings besides cheesy, so I only did half with peppers and onions.

All in all, it was a good day. Started with a nice run, got in some biking and baking and slime making. I’m to the end of :the Wire” though. It makes me sad, as usual, but I’m glad I rewatched it since it’s just as brilliant, if not even more, the second time around.



Running Again

It’s been awhile, but I’m back to running. I couldn’t shake the cough and respiratory infection. I was at the asthma/allergy doctor a week and a half ago. He decided to put me prednisone and an antibiotic as well as a bronchial inhaler to try to fix things up. The prednisone cleared things up right away, but it made me a bit jittery and at times I had insomnia. I also feel like I gained a bunch of weight. Today was my last day on it, so I’m glad. I still have a bit of a cough every now and then, but I’ve been able to get back to running.

On Friday morning I started with a 4 mile walk with Erin, just to make sure that I would be doing okay. We walked through campus since for the most part, students are gone so it’s mellow. It was a nice walk and I felt good after it. I took a rest on Saturday and then Barb and I went out for a run on Sunday. We ran campus too. We did a 3/7 minute walk run. I had a bit of a cough at the beginning, but the run felt really good and I was excited to be back out and about. I got a little more phlegmy that afternoon, but it was okay.

On Monday it was Memorial Day. I was going to go for a walk, but I didn’t want to overdo things. We went to Shawna and Curtis’ for a barbecue. Jack and I bilked there and back. Biking with Jack is very mellow, and that’s okay. It is only about 1.7 miles and it took us about 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure how long it would take. He did a nice job biking. The day was nice and mellow. I was a little frustrated since I couldn’t find any Hefeweizen anywhere in this town and I really want a Hefeweizen. At this point, I’m not sure when I’ll get one.

Tuesday, instead of running, Barb and I did a 3.8 mile hike through Spring Lake. We kept a steady pace–20 minute miles–and Banjo came. It was a nice hike and a good change of pace. Then, that evening, Jack and I went on a bike ride. We went out around the northeast part of campus and found some fun hills to go down. When we got back, Lucy and I took a ride around the block–in the rain. She loves it. I’m wondering if I can get her training wheels off soon.

Today we did a run. We did another 3/7 minute walk/run. It was really humid and the run dragged, so we just did 3.2 (40 minutes) and then walked the rest of the time. There was one point where I got a bit dizzy. I think it was the medicine, so I’m glad that this is my last day. The run was nice, but I can feel the missed weeks. Still, my legs are itching to get out and about.

It’s nice to be out and active again since I didn’t do much for the last two weeks. We’ve decided not to do the Half on Sunday though. I missed the last two long runs and I just don’t want to end up over exerting myself when I haven’t been running lately and then have a relapse. I’m headed to Jackson, Mississippi on June 7th, so I want to make sure that I’m ready for my 3 weeks there. I think I might try to get in a swim or two next week and then hopefully find a good triathlon this summer. We’ll see.

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Weekend Running

I ran with Barb again on Friday. We did only 3 miles since the end of the semester is right around the corner and so we both have loads of fun and exciting things to do. But, a run is a run. Plus, Friday I also finished up Leila Sales “This Song Will Save Your Life.” The book was great fun and I liked the protagonist. I’m going to add it to my books about music that I’m hoping to use in the fall to have students design websites for. I’ve decided that in addition to books about music, the books need to mention The Smiths at least once:) I think I have 4 good ones to use. I could use at least one more to make sure.

I went biking with Erin on Saturday. We did our loop south of town. It’s about 14.5 miles for me from my door. We had been doing the loop in reverse, but we decided to do it our “old” way and I forgot just how hilly it was when we do it that way. Still, it’s good for my legs. And, it was nice to be on the bike and cross-training. I’ve been concentrating so much on running that I haven’t really gotten in much swimming or biking. I’m going to have to work on that this summer.

Barb was out of town today, so I did my long run alone. At firs I thought that I might get up early and attempt to get in 10 miles. But, I didn’t get up super early. Instead, I went out a bit before 10 and decided to see how far I would make it. I ended up doing 8, and that worked for me. I did it in 1 hour 33 minutes. I decided since I was going to do a longer run I would run for 30 minutes and then do a 3/7 walk/run the rest of the time. That worked well. I had thought about doing loops but ended up running down Ward to Grant and then I decided instead of turning around I would run down Grant a bit. I apparently really hate running down Grant:) I made it a little over half a mile and then felt a bit panicked. I’m not sure why. I used to run that stretch all the time. Now, for some reason, my body really hates it. When I was out there I thought that I would only be able to do like 4 miles and have to be done, but then I got back on Ward and felt just fine and ended up doing my 8.


I want to be doing 10 miles in under 2 hours. After I feel good about doing the 10 miles I think I’ll work towards running more of it. So, I’ll just keep adding 10 minutes to the full run portion. Last week when I did 7 I ran for 50 minutes, but then I got really tired at the end, so as I’m adding miles I’m going to first get to 10 miles and then add on the straight run. We’ll see how it works. Overall though, my splits weren’t bad, for me for a longer run, so I can’t complain.


It got really hot running too. It had cooled down last night, so I thought it would stay that way for my run. I was wrong. It was pretty windy and it was hot, hot, hot. I did get to almost finish Veronica Mars, which I hope to complete tomorrow if I decided to go for a leisure run. I really do love it. But, I’m not sure if I would love it as much if Kristen Bell wasn’t reading it. I’m hoping there will be more books in the series since they’re lots of fun and perfect for running. I’m also working my way through Veronica Roth’s “Allegent” so that I can be done with that series.


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Running and Biking

Yesterday (Saturday) it was a perfect day to be outside. Today, when I woke up it was snowing. This makes me happy that I got outside a lot yesterday.

Yesterday Barb and I went for a run. We did 3.4 miles and then walked the last 0.6. We did our run to Lincoln Elementary and back.



It was pretty fabulous out. I forgot to take a picture of the tracks we ran over on our run, so I snagged a picture of Lake Ruth over by Simpkins Hall.



I think I have other shots of the Lake. I’ll have to take some more from this angle at different times of the year.

Barb and I agreed to do the Galesburg Half-Marathon on June 1, so I’ll have to sign up for that ASAP. It should be fun. I’m excited and that means more training and upping my milage. I also hope that means better running weather than the snow today. We’re headed out tomorrow morning and it’s supposed to warm up this week. (Fingers crossed.)

Later in the day I biked with Jack to the bowling alley and dropped him off. Erin met me there and we went on our first bike ride of the season. Great day for a ride. It was a bit windy, but I didn’t care. I really love to bike. We went Northeast of town, past Veterans Park. We haven’t been that way before, but it was much better than Southwest and all the chip seal. On my way home I did manage to find some tracks to photograph:)


I read two books this week. I finished “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. It was fun. I’m going to read it with my “Reading Instruction in the Content Area” class that starts on Tuesday. We’re also going to watch the movie, which should be a fun field trip. I’m also teaching “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. I really enjoyed the book and found it hauntingly beautiful. I can’t wait to teach it.