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Birthday Run with Barb

Today was Barb’s birthday, so we ran together this morning. It was a great run. At first we both decided it was C-O-L-D. And really, it wasn’t that cold, but since the weather had warmed up we weren’t entirely prepared for the breeze. That’s okay since by the time we got about 15 minutes into the run we were feeling just fine. And, I think it helped us keep a nice pace. We did a 3/7 walk/run and did 3.5 miles in 40 minutes so that’s pretty good for our walk/run pace. Got to be ready for the 1/2.

I even remembered to snag a picture of the train lights.


In the end, it turned out to be a decent morning for a run.

In book news, besides listening to Veronica Mars, I’m also reading Rodman Philbrick’s “The Last Book in the Universe,” which is quite fun. I was looking for a good middle grades book to use in class, and I picked this one. I really enjoy it. Plus, I like that it follows Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. I like to use Campbell when I teach digital storytelling, so I’m looking forward to seeing how students like the text and what they think about the Hero’s Journey with this text. I also like that there’s a bit of “A Clockwork Orange” feel to the book with the “new” language found throughout. There are some fun reading strategies to use with the book.