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Misty Morning Run

I decided that I wanted to get a run in this morning. I didn’t have to be in until later, so I had some time. When I first headed out it started to rain a bit, so I waited about 15 minutes and then went out again. The radar said there wasn’t going to be rain in the morning, so I just trusted it. (Even though it looked like the sky was gonna open up at any minute.) I did 3.1 mies and kept a nice pace. Finished in under 35 minutes, which is good for my mellow run. I ended up heading down Ward and back. I figured if it did start to rain Compton Park was there and the bathrooms are now open (and drinking fountain on), so I would just run in there.

I ended up taking this shot, which is sort of creepy, but I love it. Plus, it totally represents what the morning looked like.


Also, instead of finishing Veronica Mars, I listened to the latest This American Life, which was about death and taxes. During my run I was listening to the part on death, which talked about nurses working in hospice and people who were dying. Most of the people they talked about were those with cancer. The whole thing was quite disturbing, but I couldn’t stop listening. The day was dreary and cold and the piece just seemed to fit with the run.

There was a point when I was running where I was feeling tired and that the whole run was heavy. It was one of those days where I had to keep saying that I would go another 5 minutes or just get to the next mile and by the time I got to the end of my run I felt ready to keep going. It seems that it’s taking me a bit longer to really get settled into my run when I’m running on my own. We’ll have to work on that.