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Weekend Running

I ran with Barb again on Friday. We did only 3 miles since the end of the semester is right around the corner and so we both have loads of fun and exciting things to do. But, a run is a run. Plus, Friday I also finished up Leila Sales “This Song Will Save Your Life.” The book was great fun and I liked the protagonist. I’m going to add it to my books about music that I’m hoping to use in the fall to have students design websites for. I’ve decided that in addition to books about music, the books need to mention The Smiths at least once:) I think I have 4 good ones to use. I could use at least one more to make sure.

I went biking with Erin on Saturday. We did our loop south of town. It’s about 14.5 miles for me from my door. We had been doing the loop in reverse, but we decided to do it our “old” way and I forgot just how hilly it was when we do it that way. Still, it’s good for my legs. And, it was nice to be on the bike and cross-training. I’ve been concentrating so much on running that I haven’t really gotten in much swimming or biking. I’m going to have to work on that this summer.

Barb was out of town today, so I did my long run alone. At firs I thought that I might get up early and attempt to get in 10 miles. But, I didn’t get up super early. Instead, I went out a bit before 10 and decided to see how far I would make it. I ended up doing 8, and that worked for me. I did it in 1 hour 33 minutes. I decided since I was going to do a longer run I would run for 30 minutes and then do a 3/7 walk/run the rest of the time. That worked well. I had thought about doing loops but ended up running down Ward to Grant and then I decided instead of turning around I would run down Grant a bit. I apparently really hate running down Grant:) I made it a little over half a mile and then felt a bit panicked. I’m not sure why. I used to run that stretch all the time. Now, for some reason, my body really hates it. When I was out there I thought that I would only be able to do like 4 miles and have to be done, but then I got back on Ward and felt just fine and ended up doing my 8.


I want to be doing 10 miles in under 2 hours. After I feel good about doing the 10 miles I think I’ll work towards running more of it. So, I’ll just keep adding 10 minutes to the full run portion. Last week when I did 7 I ran for 50 minutes, but then I got really tired at the end, so as I’m adding miles I’m going to first get to 10 miles and then add on the straight run. We’ll see how it works. Overall though, my splits weren’t bad, for me for a longer run, so I can’t complain.


It got really hot running too. It had cooled down last night, so I thought it would stay that way for my run. I was wrong. It was pretty windy and it was hot, hot, hot. I did get to almost finish Veronica Mars, which I hope to complete tomorrow if I decided to go for a leisure run. I really do love it. But, I’m not sure if I would love it as much if Kristen Bell wasn’t reading it. I’m hoping there will be more books in the series since they’re lots of fun and perfect for running. I’m also working my way through Veronica Roth’s “Allegent” so that I can be done with that series.



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Spring Break Running

So far we’ve had a beautiful break.


On Sunday Barb and I ran together again. We did a mellow 3.4 miles with a run walk. we did a 3/7 walk/run. We decided to run through campus since we knew that the sidewalks would be pretty clear. Plus, it was super mellow and quiet due to most of the students being gone, gone, gone. Since we ran through campus I didn’t go a railroad shot. Instead, I found something over by the heating plan that I hadn’t really seen before.


It’s great to run with Barb again. I can’t wait for more nice days and runs outside with Barb. Here’s our crazy route across campus.


After the run I took the kids to the Rock, Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show. We had fun and they enjoyed looking at rocks–especially the phosphorous ones–and running around campus.

I did a couple of runs today. I did my first solo run. I got in 3.5 miles and it was a perfect day for running. Since Jack and I decided he should do the Couch to 5K, I didn’t want to do too many more than 3 since I also needed to go out with him when I got back.

I ran over a number of tracks, so here’s my track shot.


I kept a nice pace, 10:36, and really loved being outside but not having to run all over to make sure that I didn’t end up falling on ice.


Since I was running alone I was doing some book listening. I started the second book in the Flavia de Luce series. I love me some Flavia. The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag starts with Flavia dreaming of her untimely death. How can you not love that. As I ran I got to hear all about Flavia helping set up the vicarage for Rupert Porson’s puppet show. Gladys, my favorite bicycle, has already made an appearance. I can’t wait to continue listening.

Jack and I also did Day 1 of the C25K. We got in almost 2 miles. We did a short warm-up and then ran for 60 seconds and walked for 90 seconds. We were supposed to do 8 rounds (to get us to 20 minutes), but I added another 60 seconds since Jack is 8, so I figure he has the energy:) I also had him take some photos of the tracks we went over. Here’s his picture.


I think he took a good shot.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow night, but I’m hoping I don’t have to get on the treadmill on Wednesday and that Jack and I can get outside. I’m also thinking of possibly going for a swim at some point this week.

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Saturday Afternoon Run

Today I decided to run home after Jack’s final basketball game at the Y. They won the game, and even though he’s the smallest one on the team, he’s getting better and really enjoys getting in someone’s face after they’ve stopped dribbling (although apparently when you play 2nd and 3rd grade basketball you can start and stop dribbling as much as you want). Because I started at the Y, I had a different route than I normally do. I ran to Lincoln and around a bit before heading home.


As usual, I had to run in the road since no one seems to shovel, but I tried to pick roads that weren’t so busy so it didn’t matter. It was a nice day for a run, but since I had just run last night I was a bit tired and ended up only doing 3.1 miles. Usually just after mile 2 I’m really ready to keep going, but today I was just ready to get home.

Since I ran on the other side of town than I usually run on, I did find a place to run over the tracks that I usually don’t run over. I took a few shots from the tracks, but I really liked the long, emptiness of this one.


I also listened to Episode 518 of This American Life: Except For That One Thing. I’m almost to the end of the piece, Run On Sentence, which was interesting. It’s about a man who is arrested and needed to serve a prison term after 13 years. They never found him to put him into prison for his sentence. He turned his life around, got a good job, got married, had kids, etc. The only reason they found him and came looking for him is because the Missouri State Corrections was getting ready to “release” him since they thought he was in their system already and then they found out he actually wasn’t there. And hadn’t been there for 13 years. What a mess. As fascinating as that piece is, and it really makes me more sad than anything (our prison system is a mess and he should be left alone to live his life), I really enjoyed Act Two. Act Two, Hungry, Hungry People tells the story of the American Hippopotamus. Jon Mooallem tells the story of two men in the early 1900s who wanted to import hippopotamuses and raise them in Gulf Coast swamps so that Americans could eat them as meat. Absolutely fascinating story of American history and what was being done in the time of a meat shortage.

I love This American Life and hate that there’s only one hour a week. Now I need more reading suggestions. All in all, it was a nice outdoor run. I keep attempting to get them in since it’s supposed to get cold and snowy next week. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to get outside though. Being outside gets me at more milage. I’ve already run more this month than I did last month and I think being able to run outside this week has really helped make that happen.

Here’s my overall run info:


And here are my splits, which weren’t too bad considering I was a bit tired.


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Slushy Run

I was excited that it was 32 degrees outside this morning, so I headed outside of a run again today. I had to do a great deal of navigating, as can be seen in my route.


I did a great deal of stopping and starting and slowing down when I came to slush. Actually, the slush was better than when it was just a solid chunk of a snow/ice mixture–basically frozen slush. It drives me crazy that no one shovels their sidewalks. They really should be fined for not shoveling. When they do, they don’t do it completely, so it became much safer to run in the street. I would find a nice, open patch and then all of a sudden there would be a patch of icy snow or something similar that was not completely plowed. I finally found a nice route that was pretty open once I got to Johnson. I was thinking of only doing 3 miles, but then when I got to Ward I decided I really wanted to do 4, so I ran down Carroll and back to get in the last mile. It really was pretty beautiful outside.

I also got to continue listening to Fangirl, which I continue to love. I really like the narrator, she does a great job. Plus, the part I was listening to while I was running revolved around “The Outsiders.” “When I stepped out of the movie theater I had two things on my mind, Paul Newman and a ride home.” And, “Stay Gold, Ponyboy.” Great stuff.

I decided that my railroad track photo today would be the actual tracks. I got a nice shot with the tracks covered with snow.


All in all, it was a nice run and made me happy to be outside two days straight. Rain is coming tonight, and then more snow and cold, so my guess is I won’t be outside later this week.

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Made it Outside!

Hooray. Today the temperature went up, up, up and snow started to melt. When I walked to work I needed a hat and gloves, but I could tell I’d have no use for them by the time I headed home. I watched the snow melt out my office window and I watched it fall off the roof of Simpkins. I walked home through puddles and slush and sun and beauty. So I headed to the grocery store and then knew I needed to get outside for a run.

Today marks 3 days in a row, so I just did two miles.


I just ran down Carroll and back. Since I waited until almost 6 p.m. to get out there and run, there were a few icy patches so I had to slow down a bit. There were also some slushiness that I had to slog through, but it was totally worth it.


All in all it was wonderfully fabulous to be outside. I really wanted to do more than 2 miles, but I didn’t want to overdue it and I wasn’t really sure where else I could run to without ending up in a pile of slush. I’m not sure if I’ll make it outside tomorrow morning, since my slush and water piles might turn to ice, so I’m glad I got out there tonight.

I also got to keep listening to Fangirl and still love it. Cath is a great protagonist and he makes me laugh. I really like the narrator as well, so it makes me happy. We’re getting to a bit more complexity and Cath is starting to find herself, decide about friendship and family and fandom. Great fun.

Oh, and I snagged an evening picture at the railroad tracks.


I did an evening shot.

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Still Running

I’ve been running, but I have to catch up on my blogging. The weather here has been a bit nutso, as usual. It’ll be nice one day and then freezing the next. So, Wednesday and Friday I had to treadmill it. I did three miles both mornings.


On Wednesday I had the librarian from Hill Correctional Center coming out to pick up books for The 3Rs Project. It was super exciting and she took all the books we’d collected. Now we’re in search of more books. Plus, you can like our chapter on Facebook. Please do. And, if you’re in or around Macomb we will come and pick up books from you.

Friday I did another 3 miler.


This time I had to run and then get to Jack’s school to help with math. It was fun. And, I had a nice run. Jack and I also saw The Nut Job after school. It was okay. He liked it a lot, but I thought it dragged a bit. Hopefully The Lego Movie will be a bit better.

I was so excited today since I got to run outside. It was a beautiful day. There was lots of wind, but I didn’t care since the temperature was 40.


The most frustrating part of the run was finding places without snow on the sidewalks, since no one shovels. I did a bunch of weaving back and forth and doing small out and backs.


But that’s okay, since I got a cool picture of tracks and  sleeping crops.


I also thought I’d only do 3 miles but ended up rocking 4.5 since I was loving being outside and I knew that I wouldn’t get to run outside in the next couple days. The weather is pretty horrid. As I type this the wind is whipping around outside and Jack keeps waking up thinking there’s a tornado coming.

I kept a pretty good pace (except apparently in Mile 2).


All in all it was a really nice run.


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Monday Morning Run

This morning I decided to head outside since the weather was pretty nice. I finally learned that because it was so warm yesterday snow had melted, but then it had dropped below freezing so it became really slick in places. I’d run somewhere that looked okay, and it would turn out to be slippery. This caused my final route to look somewhat crazy, as can be seen here:


I went all wiggly and this is back and forth a little more than you can tell here. I ended up doing a few quick down and backs or would head one way and have to turn around and go another way since the roads weren’t good. I’m glad I didn’t wipe out, which was my biggest fear. It also kept my times down since I had to really slow down at times.


The first mile went pretty well, but then the rest I had to really test the waters.

I was bummed though since it was one of those days where I could have run even longer and farther. I was just ready to run. I wished I could have done more than the 4 I did, but there will be other days for that. I did take some fun pictures on my adventures. During mile one I always run to the end of Piper to West Central FS. Here’s a photo of their dock.


I crossed Piper in hopes that I could find a non-icy run (and none of my normal sidewalks were clear), so I took a railroad track photo from the side of the tracks that I normally don’t run by.


All in all, a great running day, but no ice would have been better. Nice way to start Spring 2014 semester.